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Here's a collection of selected songs from the Wyld Stallyns' most recent album, Wyld Valley. This powerful arrangement is now available.


[sarah] [bum in the alley] [future city] [pop tart girl]
ice man] [suburbia] [fame of the flowers] [color my world]
gossamer girl] [where is petey] [good morning] [god gave rock and roll]

sarah - written by bill

sarah's on you without fail
'cause she knows you can keep her on
when sarah cries on your shoulder
the man in you just wants to hold her
the world gave up on sarah's soul
they look at her with eyes of coal
but in her 'bode of darkness tightly bound in rope
hides a tiny angel of glimmering hope
through the gloom your eyes shine bright
a beacon for sarah in her maddening fright
she thinks you're her saint, her savior
but you know the truth, you give no favor
it's so cruel,
we're all fools
in the dark,
no angels hark
cast her down
lift her up
you can't stand up
you can't stand up
help i'm falling
we can't go on
we must for sarah's sake i say
the angels wake
blind me, bind me, carry me away,
you must go on
sarah run run run
hold on tight
the angels come
blind me, bind me, carry me away

bum in the alley - written by bill
hey mister, you all right?
you don't look fine
down on your luck, down you fell
hey mister, got a story to tell
baby baby you're so tiny
a cracked up baby,
momma give him up
you're all stoned up

little boy, little dreams
waiting for mr no-daddy,
wait at the door
sleep on the floor

hey, kid, you're a loser in school
your momma's home drunk
walking down the hall after the bell
full of people but you're alone in hell
party all day,
party all night
need some money badly
hey mister, be my daddy

streets are my hallways
alleys are my rooms
pay me my money, daddy
this is my life
is this my life

future city - written by ted

people walking
no faces no places
black trench coat men
big brother watching
crumble the towers of automaton
life to the people, move on,
crumble the towers of automaton,
birth the the future, move on,
crumble the towers of automaton,
peace to the masses, move on
crumble crumble crumble

pop tart girl - written by ted
she's a pop tart girl
dancing around
tip toe beauty
uptown babe
she's a pop tart girl
and a lollipop lover
how many licks, girl
you're sugary sweet
giggle and laugh
bouncy head hair
pop tart girl,
pop tart girl,
pop tart girl...

smile and twinkle
giggle and laugh
sweet inside
hot to the touch...

suburbia - written by bill

big bouncy hair girl
bangles on her wrists,
glamour girl shoe
elastic hair twisty things
pretty little house
tidy little lawn
all down the street
the minivans run
hang out at the mall
got daddy's credit card
pizza and some cokes
spandex and sports shoes
she's just my girl
she walks with a bounce
by keeping her high
suburban toy boy,
that's me her cuddly toy

mommy and daddy don't know
they're in their suburbia world
but on friday night girl and me
is going to make for the city and run

ice man - written by bill

man from the sky
walk to the village
far from the mountains
far from the stars
lost in himself
the ice man comes...
stumbling down, the innocent man
not a regular man but the ice man
alone in the world, primitive land
shiny jewels with a secret inside
touch the shiny jewel
burning hands
pocket of herbs
burning heads
the ice man ponders

slowly the genius awakens,
empirical data for the healer
villagers lash at the ice man
driven by fear for their lives
healer come back you know the truth

into the water and the healing starts
little girl's faith in the ice man
never forget what the ice man said
he's jaden my friend, the ice man.

fame of the flowers - re-written by bill

fame of the children
loyal to their land
when the evil messenger comes
with his greedy papers of extortion
no one will fix a signature
to the contract of the enemy
with its sin of greed and ego
and sale of native rights
get it out of my face
your government's riches
leave us with our paradise
and the food of our land

rally behind our queen
who strives for us people
she will be crowned again
let me tell the story
of the people who love their land

color my world - written by ted

it's a generic packaged life
in a white washed world
black letter boxes
no name brands

color my world
shine the rainbow above
don't hide the truth
run the fear underground
give us some ground
color my world
let me be me
you can be you
we're nobody's fool

shout out shout out
somebody got a party
we all got a party

jump up high
the girl the guy
flame with passion
end the doom
get rid of the cloak
and show your face
color my world
color my world

gossamer girl - written by ted

who has seen gossamer wings
you think they're very pretty things?
mothra flaps and snaky veins
serpents twisting in your hair
liquid pens of poets
pretty little words
carve your brain
to see the flower turds
a greyhound bus with a gossamer girl
far from her hometown
close to the round
flying to the bright lights
into the scene
fast cars and glamour
neon signs and glitter
hey there gossamer girl
do you know where you're headed
flying to the the bright lights
burn off your wings
crash to the ground

where is petey - written by bill
where is petey
he was riding his bike
playing in the park
flying a kite
where is petey
i saw him laugh and play
and giggle and smile
it just seemed like yesterday
where is petey
where did he go
a shoe's in the gutter
his kite on the road

where is petey
nobody knows
your bed is empty
your bike's on the ground
come home petey
let's go to the park
and ride your bike
and fly a kite

good morning - written by bill

roll over and see
too much sun in my eyes
pounding head, spinning bed
my body aches
come on i'm no fake
what did i do last night
hair in my face
lipstick on my pillow
there's a stranger in my bed
where did she come from
gotta remember
what did i do last night
hey pretty pretty
i guess that wasn't a dream
i think i said i love you
you're my girl, you're my beauty
then you held me so tight
and let me love you all night
did you tell me your name
your smile is so sweet
sun on your hair in the morning light
you 'waken and turn
good morning my love

god gave rock and roll - written by Ted
god gave rock and roll to you
gave rock and roll to you
put it in the soul of everyone
do you know what you want?
you don't know for sure
don't feel better
can't find the cure
and you're getting less than what you're looking for
don't have money for a fancy car
all the time yo're wishing on a falling star
you've got to put your faith in a loud guitar
god gave rock and roll to you
gave rock and roll to you
gave rock and roll to everyone
god gave rock and roll to you
gave rock and roll to you
put it in the soul of everyone
now listen!
you want to be a singer or play guitar
man you gotta sweat or you won't get far
'cause it's never too late to work nine to five
you can take a stand or you can compromise
you can work real hard or just fantasize
but you don't start living until you realize
i gotta tell ya!
god gave rock and roll to you
gave rock and roll to you
gave rock and roll to everyone
god gave rock and roll to you
gave rock and roll to you
put it in your soul

wyld valley songs are copyright © 1984 by wyld stallyns productions


[sarah] [bum in the alley] [future city] [pop tart girl]
ice man] [suburbia] [fame of the flowers] [color my world]
gossamer girl] [where is petey] [good morning] [god gave rock and roll]

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